February 18, 2020 3 min read

It's not just a trend, it's one of the golden rules of those who like to be in fashion and have pieces that make any outfit look flawless: bow down to white shoes. Here we provide you with a selection of incredible models in shades of white and give you suggestions on how you can elevate your look to an amazing level of sophistication and originality with these timeless pieces. Welcome.


One thing that can be said about white shoes: they are strong and simple, versatile and decisive, essential and complementary. All at once.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to remain indifferent to the number of women and men who have chosen safe, iconic and versatile white sneakers. And very well. Combined with formal or casual looks, the white sneakers have gained prominence and won a very comfortable place at the feet of us all.

But as not only white shoes live and as not all of us are fans of this (hyper) comfortable model, we have a selection of shoes in white tones that will please those who lose their love by chance, who do not leave home without an outfit that is worthy of a movie star, and everyone in between who does not get left behind in the trends of the season.

Whether in sneakers or high-heeled sandals, one thing is certain: white is here to stay.


White Cowboy Boots: hot or not?

White shoes are the perfect ally for looks with vivid and vibrant colors. Try combining white cowboy boots with a light and colorful dress. Don't forget to add accessories in spring tones and you get a look that mixes a ladylike style with strong and striking complements.


 Sofia Costa White Cowboy Boots


White Sneakers: an endless love

For an informal look that never compromises, add a denim skirt with a colorful t-shirt (yes, worthy of a Coachella visit!) to a pair of white sneakers with feminine and catchy details. Add a (faux) fringed leather jacket and you'll feel like Alexa Chung at a rock concert.


 Aldo White Lace-Up Trainers


White Mules: the 90s in a pair of shoes

When you know that after a (long) day of work you will have to show up to a hype place with drinks and cool people in the mix, choose a long and flowing dress, combine it with a blazer (for the day) and an amazing pair of white mules and you have a versatile outfit that will not let you down at any time. Take lipstick (for the night).

Fly London SUZE in white


White strappy sandals: trend, trend, trend

We know that a total white look is one of the trends that appeared and is here to stay. Create a set of pieces in white denim (and a white t-shirt with that incredible cut you love so much), combine them with white strappy sandals and you're ready for - almost - everything. To pull off a look like this, try out accessories in vibrant colors and natural materials.

Aldo Multicolor Crossbody Bag


Flat slippers: comfort without losing style

For those days when it seems like temperature is your enemy, opt for a light and fluid look and white flat slippers. Bet on linen and fresh fabrics that will make you comfortable all day. Don't forget that, for this look, accessories are the detail that defines the sophistication of your combination.

Aldo White Sling-Back Sandals 


Whether in high-heeled shoes or flat models, in trendy and hyper-feminine models or with a declared timeless design, white shoes are not just a fashion trend. White represents strength and delicacy. It may be the detail that makes the difference in a total black look or the delicate complement in a feminine and naive combination. It can be the key piece of a look that needs a signature or the detail of a combination that needs consistency. White shoes are a safe and risky choice at the same time. Due to its versatility and je ne sais quoi of disruption, it can appear as an essential piece in the closet of most of us. And that's why we treat it as one of our protagonists at Overcube, always.